Protective Lotion w/ Propolis and Lavender Oil

REF: SNB-JP1901-110


The lotion refreshes and deodorizes the skin on the feet. Propolis extract protects against infections while menthol and lavender oil have a deodorizing effect and prevent unpleasant odors.v Gotu kola and witch hazel extracts act as refreshing and restorative. Urea in combination with alpha-hydroxy acids accelerates the softening and removal of dead skin.

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110 ml em Spray.

Store in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight, at a temperature between 5º and 25ºC. An amorphous residue can occur due to the natural origin of raw materials.


Spray on clean, dry skin when you need to refresh or protect your feet. The lotion is quickly absorbed without being sticky. Under normal and reasonably predictable use, undesirable effects are not expected.