Force Pro Clear


Base and builder UV gel with fiberglass. Ultra resistant with medium heating. It guarantees an excellent adhesion to the natural nail and a high resistance.

Due to the balance between flexibility and rigidity, this gel is ideal for all nail sizes, as it can withstand the stress exerted on them on a daily basis, without breaking or lifting. Medium viscosity and self-levelling.


Devolução: 14 Dias (Consulte as condições)


Force Pro guarantees excellent results on any type of nails Its maximum strength comes from the balance between flexibility and rigidity. It can be used in long shapes and is ideal for pinching, as it maintains the C-Curve. As it quickly self-levels, it allows sculpting the nail even without filing.

– Excellent adhesion;
– It can be used as a base or a builder;
– High resistance;
– Ideal for problematic and sensitive nails;
– Ideal for all nail sizes, including extreme shapes (Stiletto, Russian Almond, etc.);
– Excellent for pinching, as it maintains the perfect C-Curve;
– Medium or reduced heating;
– Medium viscosity;
– Self-levelling.

Reserved for professionals.

This product does not contain ingredients of animal origin nor is it tested on animals.



Apply a stretched layer over the entire nail, after the Primer or Power Bond Plus, and then immediately apply a generous second layer to shape the nail. For exceptional results, we advise you to use Bonder No Liftings before applying this gel.

Cure Time: UV/LED (48W) 90s-120s