Bonder No Liftings – Gel Base 15ml

REF: C-GB002


UV / LED gel for an extra adhesion. Special formula to avoid lifting. It ensures a “bulletproof” adhesion.

Suitable for all modeling systems.

Devolução: 14 Dias (Consulte as condições)


Special formula to avoid lifting. This bonder gel prepares the natural nail chemically before applying the gel / gel polish. It enhances the adhesion of the gel or gel polish to the natural nail, creating extremely strong and long-lasting chemical bonds. Its application is recommended for all types of nails, especially the most problematic ones. It must be applied in a very stretched layer, after the mechanical preparation of the natural nail. Depending on the type of the nail, the use of the Primer is optional, because this product also works as a Gel Primer. It is suitable for all UV modeling systems (gel and gel polish).

Reserved for professionals.


Cure Time: UV 2-3min | LED 90s

After curing, remove the excess of the inhibition layer with a dry swab.